The Room Remedy

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Interior Painting And Staining

Taping for professional tack-sharp edging

Whether it's new construction or a historic plaster home, the Room Remedy has the experience and dedication to achieve a pristine presence throughout any space.

Color recommendations and tips will gladly be passed along for those in need of another opinion. With a focus on color balance and style presence, the Room Remedy helps to find that right tone and added touch to complete that desired look.

When we arrive, we make sure to protect all surfaces and furniture with plastic, and floors with drop cloths. And... we have our handy vacuum nearby for clean up! Walls will be sanded smooth and those dings and dents will be found and repaired. We always paint two coats to full coverage and prime with the necessary finish to suit the project. The Room Remedy always practices thorough preparation techniques, because the end result can only be as good as the prep!

Don't trust your home painting to college amateurs. The Room Remedy has been providing the highest-quality service to Chicagland for over a decade. We are thoughtful, courteous and professional. Full taping, masking and covering of the areas you don't want paint on. Thorough and careful clean-up is as much as a priority as your painting and wallcovering.